Plumeria Paintings by Marcia

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Hawaii is known for its abundance of flowering plants and the plumeria, also known as frangipani, is a favorite for its beauty and fragrance. Plumerias are grown all around the world and are well-loved by plant enthusiasts. The blossoms are commonly used in flower leis worn around the neck to welcome visitors to the islands. Leis are also given to honor a person on a special occasion or worn with Polynesian wear on Aloha Fridays. In Hawaii, the best time to see the plumerias are from late April until early November and the variety of cultivars is astounding.  

I am offering limited edition, fine art watercolor giclées and smalIer size prints of plumerias, hibiscuses, orchids, and other tropical flowers and have recently added Kauai landscapes, turtles, and koi. The giclee prints are on acid free, cold press watercolor paper. A certificate of authenticity signed by me will accompany each giclee print. The giclees will be signed, numbered, and titled.

Image sizes for the giclées are stated in their gallery listed on the left. The prints will be limited editions of 100-150. If you have an interest in a larger size giclee or the original painting, please contact me by using the  "Request Information" form listed on the left of each page on this website. I am using professional printing companies to produce the giclées and small prints.. Lately, I have had requests to print larger sizes on canvas.

Note cards are also available on the 'Note Card' pages. 

The Step-by-Step pages show the progress of the plumeria paintings as I painted them. I also started a website BLOG which has photos and comments about paintings currently in progress as well as my craft fair schedule..

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