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Daisy Plumeria Closeup in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/10/21

After trying this lighter background, I have decided it needs a a dark background for a dramatic contrast so stay tuned for a different look.  

Daisy at Sunrise 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/09/21

Trying for a different look for this closeup of the Daisy Wilcox variety of plumeria. Petals are very large and floppy. It is my favorite to paint.

White Plumeria Closeup is Done

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/01/21

Closeup of white plumeria against a dark background. The painting is 22 x 30" and was done on 300# Fabriano watercolor paper.  After the dark background was painted, I found that I needed to darken the petal shadows.   

White Plumeria in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/07/20

I have started the background before finishing the flowers. 

It will help to clarify the composition of the leaves since I will not be following the reference photo closely.

White Plumeria Closeup 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/05/20

I have been wanting to paint this cluster of plumeria for awhile. I think a dark background will show off the plumeria blossoms. We shall see what develops.

'Kauai Aloha" Yellow Plumeria is Done

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/27/20

This 22 x30" painting took me awhile to complete and there was much analysis in between painting sessions.  I mentioned awhile back that I had glaucoma surgery in my left eye so I only paint for short periods of time. Otherwise, the left eye gets blurry. 
I am quite pleased with how this one turned out.  The original has sold and I will have large and small prints made eventually especially if craft fair resume.

Yellow Plumeria Background

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 10/24/20

First layer of background started. I will see how much darker it needs to be later.

Yellow Plumeria 2 In Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 10/14/20

I had to darken the shadows on the petals and added more color.  It will be best to deal with the background later.  I am tempted to keep it very simple.

Yellow Plumeria 2

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 10/12/20

I will name this painting when done.  This watercolor is 22x30" or a full sheet as we artists call it. I will finish the painting and decide whether or not to put in a background since it is a very busy composition.  I did notdo a background with my "Sunrise Bouquet" painting.

Ruffles Plumeria 9x12"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 10/03/20

"Ruffles" is the third in the series of small plumeria prints.

Jefferson Gold Plumeria

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/26/20

Finished this small watercolor before starting on the Ruffles plumeria. Yellow is so cheerful! 9x12"

Ruffles Plumeria

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/26/20

I am loving the light on these petals and will be having a dark background for contrast. 

Back to Plumeria - Katie Moragne 9x12"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/27/20

After dabbling in oils, I am back to watercolors. The plan is to work on a series of small plumeria paintings. I had glaucoma surgery on my left eye and it is still healing. Vision won't be at 100% but is better than expected. The right is the dominant eye but the two are not yet in coordination. I am hopeful. 

This plumeria is called Katie Moragne. Richard Moragne who propagated numerous new varieties was the real Katie's father.

Bird of Paradise in Oil 11x14"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/07/20

I am switching to oil painting after recently having eye surgery for glaucoma. We shall see if I can get back to close up watercolors in the future. I  have a bird of paradise bush in my backyard so the subject matter was right in front of me. It's been awhile since I painted in oils but I am having fun. It is easier to change the painting than it is with watercolor. There will be small prints in my shop in the future as well as on this website.

Yellow Plumeria

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/23/20

I have completed another plumeria painting.  This one is 22x30". The background leaves were a bit more challenging but I am happy with the outcome. You can watch progress of my paintings at my Instagram account, paintingsbymarcia, or at my Facebook page, Plumeria Painntings by Marcia.

Na Pali Coast at Sunset

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/01/20

I added a lot of orange everywhere to show the glow from the sunset. The cliffs on the left are in shadow so were darkened.

The bright portion of the sun is the white of the paper and the orange and yellow around it makes you feel like you need to squint. Reference photo credit to my friend, Wilson Barrett.

Na Pali Coast Sunset 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/30/20

I am on the homestretch with the Na Pali Coast watercolor.

Oranges and yellows have always been my favorite colors.

Next Project - Na Pali Coast

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/24/20

This wonderful photo of the Na Pali Coast was photographed by Wilson Barrett who has also provided me with turtle photos for paintings.

Double Ruffled Hibiscus is Done!

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/24/20

I managed to keep from getting heavy-handed with this one and I like the look. It has two sets of stamens.

Double Yellow Hibiscus

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/16/20

This painting is taking shape nicely.

I post progress photos more often on Instagram as paintingsbymarcia and on my Facebook page, Plumeria Paintings by Marcia. My Etsy shop, paintingsbymarcia, is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus stay at home order on Kauai.