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Grumpy Turtle

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/17/20

The colors will be similar to my 'Happy Honu' painting. Even this grumpy guy will have you smiling! I find that people at the fairs like a matched set and choose prints of similar colors. Also, my favorite blues are happy colors.

I am using another reference photo taken by a friend, Wilson Barrett.

Another Tunnel of Trees Watercolor

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/10/20

Maluhia Road on Kauai, also known as the "Tunnel of Trees," is a favorite subject of mine.  This is the 5th I have painted. Small prints are also the best seller at the local craft fairs I do.

Light is coming in from the left so tree trunk shadows on the road are on the left and treetop shadows are on the right.

Shipwreck Beach, Poipu 18x24"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/29/20

This was a fun one to paint! I even added a wedding party on the beach off in the distance.  Shipwrecks is a favorite wedding destination location. Prints will be on this website and at my shop in a couple of weeks. They will also be at the Saturday fairs.  The fairs for the year are posted in the Fair Schedule link on this website.

Shipwreck Beach in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/21/20

Shipwreck Beach is also known as Shipwrecks. The location is a favorite destination for a Kauai wedding on the beach. First layers of watercolor are in. I will paint around the white foam instead of using masking fluid to save the white of the paper.

Happy New Year and 2020 Fair Schedule!

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 01/01/20

It was a great year at the Kauai fairs and at my shop.  Thank you all for the support throughout the years! The 2020 fair schedule link is up on this website. Most of my fairs are at the Church of the Pacific in Princeville and at the Koloa Elementary School cafeteria in Koloa. I will be adding the Botanical Garden (twice a year), the Beach House Restaurant (every quarter), and the Kauai Marriott Hotel (twice a year) fairs as dates are confirmed. Before going out to a fair, please check the fair page to make sure that a fair has not been replaced by another. Best wishes for a healthy and fun year for everyone! PS. my last name is pronounced "mini-koffer" for those who have wondered about it!  See you in the New Year!

Presenting 'Dancing Dendrobiums'

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/26/19

The 16x20" orchid painting is done. . . finally. I am very happy with it!

Underwater Kauai Has Been Cropped

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/11/19

I decided to crop the recent turtle painting from 22x30" to 20x22" for a better composition.  The turtles were too small with all that water.  I first thought I might add another turtle or two but that is not a good idea with watercolor painting.

Dendrobiums Continued

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/11/19

Background will be darker behind and to the left of the orchids and lighter on the right. The flowers are a little more like the previous photo in color.

Dendrobium Orchids in Progress 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 12/09/19

The reference photo for these hanging dendrobium orchids were taken awhile ago, probably at the Kiahuna Plantation Resort orchid garden on Kauai. I decided against adding the leaves which are at the top. Magenta and purple are difficult to photograph, print and post in exact color but this is close.
An easier way to follow progress of my paintings is at paintingsbymarcia on Instagram and on my Plumeria Paintings by Marcia Facebook page. I usually post more photos there.

(P.S. I plan to add more turtles to the just finished "Underwater Kauai' watercolor.)

'Underwater Kauai' is Done! 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/28/19

What a difference a few more fish in a strategic location made. I did not care for the exact curve of fish around the light above so added a few more at the top of the line.  

Underwater Kauai Continued

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/26/19

On to the school of fish! The turtle's head on the right also needs more detail.


Underwater Kauai - More Color

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/23/19

Started to darken the water, some fish and the turtle on the left as well as the ocean floor. It's important to get the light coming in from the top right so will concentrate on that next.

Interest in the Underwater Kauai in Progress 22 x 30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/20/19

A Texas collector of my paintings has expressed an interest in this painting and will have first dibs. There will be prints for sure but first, let's see how it turns out.

They say that the bleaching of the Kauai coral is making a recovery. The ocean floor colors will be as I remember it walking on the reef with my family at low tide. We called it night "torching." My uncle made an overhead kerosene lamp holder which my mother carried on her shoulder and we young children put on our Japanese cloth tabis and followed her with flashlights looking for shells. She was good at spearing octopus too!

Underwater Kauai Fish Added

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/19/19

The little fish have been added.  I may add more later. Back to the ocean floor and turtles, then back to the water and fish.  Having fun with this one!




Underwater Kauai Turtles In

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/19/19

I have added two turtles and will be moving on to the fish. Will add color later. I am using underwater photo references from Wilson Barrett and am very excited about painting the fish next!

Underwater Kauai

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/15/19

Started with the first glazes of the ocean bottom. Will have two turtles instead of one for balance.  They will be roughed in next. I am looking forward to painting the school of fish. The challenge will be to show depth of the fish in the water.

New Turtle Watercolor

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/13/19

Wilson Barrett has given me permission to use his wonderful underwater photos for my next and future painting projects. I am going to merge these two for the first.  I am especially excited about the school of fish. The composition below is comprised of a grouping of sketches and may change.

'Red Hibiscus' is Done!

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/07/19

The "Red Hibiscus' turned out pretty nicely. There will be prints on this website and at my Etsy shop, in a few weeks.

Original is 18 x 24".

Darker Red for the Hibiscus

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/04/19

I am painting the hibiscus a darker red to be in balance with the dark shadows on the leaves.

Red Hibiscus So Far

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 11/03/19

I added some shadows and will need to go darker on some petals and do more work on the background.