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Nebel's Rainbow Background

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/20/19

Making good progress with the background. I will eventually have to darken the flowers because they now seem very pale against the green leaves.

Nebel's Rainbow Starting Leaves

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/17/19

I painted some leaves lightly to see the composition in paint. More leaves will go in the background later.

Nebel's Rainbow Buds

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/13/19

Not moving along so quickly. (Have been helping an elder client transition from Rehab.) 

Craft fair at the Church of the Pacific in Princeville tomorrow from 8 to 2. Drop in if you are on Kauai.
I am liking the look of these buds and will darken the flowers and perhaps start on the leaves to see where shadows should land.

Back to Plumerias - Nebel's (Lei) Rainbow

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/09/19

This one will be 22 x 30". Nice to get back to plumeria after many koi, wave, and Kauai landscape paintings. (Small prints for those are on Starting light with the flowers. Composition is from 5 photos of this variety so will add shadows later so everything makes sense.

Koi Frenzy is Done

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 09/06/19

It was a roller coaster ride with this one with all of those fish. A few got deleted and the water color changed midway. I got rid of most of the masking fluid dots which were distracting after the mask was removed.

Koi Frenzy in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/21/19

I have several feeding frenzy koi photos and decided it was time for a challenge. Let's see how this one developes.

'3 Koi' is Done! 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/16/19

Time to move on from the '3 Koi' watercolor.

3 Koi in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/12/19

A little paint on the lilies and some darks areas around the lily pads.

Large and Small Prints

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/12/19

Small prints are at the craft fairs and in my PaintingsbyMarcia Etsy shop. Web address is 

Larger prints are not available there however.
I do not keep a stock of large prints in inventory except for the fairs.  They can be ordered by request.

3 Koi Watercolor in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/12/19

I am going to work my way through the numbers for the koi paintings because it is easier to identify one from the others! This one has a lot of lily pads and lilies as well.  I am using a loose style for most of the painting.

4 Koi in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/08/19

I like the simplicity of composition in this developing painting.

The fish will be finished and edges softened before this is done.
There is good movement of fish and water.

4 Koi Started 16 x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/07/19

This might end up as 5 Koi in the end.  Trying for another loose watercolor at least as far as the water goes.

'Hibiscus Splendor'

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/07/19

I have kept with the white backgound on this hibiscus painting. 

It is finished and I am pleased with the outcome.

Orange Hibiscus Continued

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/05/19

I am probably going to leave the background white on this painting.  There is already a lot going on with a few buds and leaves coming.

Wave Impression 3

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/01/19

I finished this painting before starting the hibiscus and used 3 colors.

It is 22x30."

Orange Hibiscus 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 08/01/19

This one will be a single hibiscus in yellow and red-orange. The reference photo has a blue sky background but I may do a darker foliage one instead.  

Moving Toward A More Abstract Wave 22 x 30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/24/19

I had an urge to have fun with this one with broad sweeping strokes and no sketch.  I used only 3 colors.

Another Large Wave 22 x 30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/23/19

I am able to use magnifying reading glasses temporarily until the doctor feels I am ready for prescription glasses after cataract surgery. Far vision is improving.  
I finished this large wave loosely using a full sheet of watercolor paper and larger brushes.  These won't have the usual details so should go faster than usual.

Tunnel of Trees III

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/14/19

My 3rd tunnel of trees in watercolor is done.  This one is 16x20" and will be going to Wales tomorrow.

Another Tree Tunnel Underway

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/10/19

This watercolor of the Kauai tunnel of trees will be 16x20" and will eventually be sent to a friend in Wales I have known since we were pen pals over 60 years ago!

I am trying to finish it before my cataract surgery on July 17.  Made good progress today.