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Tunnel of Trees III

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/14/19

My 3rd tunnel of trees in watercolor is done.  This one is 16x20" and will be going to Wales tomorrow.

Another Tree Tunnel Underway

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/10/19

This watercolor of the Kauai tunnel of trees will be 16x20" and will eventually be sent to a friend in Wales I have known since we were pen pals over 60 years ago!

I am trying to finish it before my cataract surgery on July 17.  Made good progress today.

Tunnel of Trees II is Done! 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/09/19

My second Kauai tree tunnel watercolor is finished and was shipped to Texas this morning! Blue sky was added on this one.

Also added some grass at the top of the left roadside and defined better where vegetation meets the road. The yellow road stripes were darkened as well. Without the stripes, the scene looks like a walking path.
I have had a request for another tunnel of trees, 16x20," so will continue with this subject. 

Tree Tunnel Almost Done

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/08/19

A bit more on the grasses at the side of the road and touch ups here and there and this will be finished. Added a blue sky up top which goes well with the greens of the leaves.

Tree Tunnel Continued

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/04/19

Making progress. Road shadows are in and sides of road are being defined before going back to the trees.

Tunnel of Trees II

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/29/19

I am planning to have this version of the tunnel of trees shipped by July 17 when I am scheduled to have cataract lens replacement. It is good to have a deadline! The end of the tunnel is further left in this painting compared to the first one. This puts the sky holes up top away from the center. This is a good variation.

Tunnel of Trees II in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/24/19

Working my way around with first layers of leaves and trunks making sure the right and left balance each other.

Tree Tunnel II - The Beginning

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/19/19

I am pretty excited to paint another tree tunnel. This one is larger than my first painting a couple of years ago. I started with the first layer of vegetation at the sides of the road to make sure I get the perspective to the end of the road right. Then I lightly painted in the bottoms of tree trunks to see where shadows will fall across the road. Sun is coming in from the left (east on Kauai) so tree trunk shadows will be on the left with the shadow of the canopy of leaves at the top on the right. I have the photo darker so that you can see  better.

Another Tunnel of Trees Beginning!

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/17/19

I have a request for an original tree tunnel watercolor. The first one I painted at the end of 2017 was 16x20."  This one will be 22x30." I went to the Maluhia Road tree tunnel again and took a lot of photos with the camera on the steering wheel as I drove through but I still like this one the best so am using it again as my reference. We decided to keep the coloring light as in my current print below the reference photo.

'Yellow Hibiscuses' is Done!

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/16/19

Calling this one finished  It has been a journey from 22x30" down to 19 x 25".  

Yellow Hibiscuses Painting Cropped

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/14/19

The painting size has been reduced to 19x24" from the original 22x30". In the end, the background trees upper left looked out of place. I will put in more flower and leaf detail and move on.

2020 Fine Art Calendar

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/14/19

I have ordered my 2020 fine art calendars and will be shipping them out from the end of June. It is a mixture of landscapes and florals. They will also be available at the craft fairs.

Calendar pages can be previewed using the Calendar 2020 link on this website.  This is my fifth year of calendars. Anini at Sunrise is on the cover and is featured for the month of December.

Yellow Hibiscuses Changing Course

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/09/19

I decided to change the composition on the left to make it more interesting.
Am going darker with the underbrush in stages but some parts have to be as dark as the darkest leaves.

Yellow Hibiscuses in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/05/19

I am eliminating some leaves or changing their shapes as I move toward the bottom. Bright morning light will be coming from the right side. I will paint to the edges of the paper and then decide whether or not to crop the painting smaller.

Yellow Hibiscuses Starting

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/02/19

I put the first layer of yellow on the flowers so that I know where they are.  Then I started on the leaves.  Not all leaves will be as detailed.

Yellow Hibiscuses Reference Photo

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/01/19

I will paint another hibiscus watercolor using this reference photo.

Pink Hibiscuses Done

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/01/19

I kept the painting light and airy and people seem to like this look. The painting will eventually be heading to Texas once it is photographed for prints.

Continuation of the Pink Hibiscuses

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/25/19

I have been painting the hibiscuses for a week now after returning from a month in Bali. There are more photos on Instagram at paintingsbymarcia and on Facebook at Plumeria Paintings by Marcia.

Pink Hibiscus Good Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/10/19

I painted for 3 hours while waiting to see if I could get online tickets for the Burning Man festival for my son. 23,000 tickets sold without me but I made good progress with the painting!

Pink Hibiscus Stamens

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/08/19

I decided not to use masking fluid for the stamens and will paint around any areas that need to be saved using a very small brush.

I will post progress photos of this painting until I leave for Bali at the end of this week and will finish it when I return on May 14. Website store and PaintingsbyMarcia Etsy store are closed until I return.