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12 x 16" Prints Now Available in Marcia's Etsy Shop

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/30/21

I have added thirty 12x16" giclee prints and the number of 5x7" and 8x11" prints is growing in my Etsy shop.  

Please visit to see the prints.  Thanks for your support in decorating your home and gifting your friends and family.

"Yellow Plumeria in June" 16x20

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 07/26/21

I decided on a very bright blue sky to bring out the green color of the leaves.  There are no clouds because the painting already has a lot of detail.

June Yellow Plumeria Still in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/26/21

I haven'e decided on dark or light background yet.  I did faintly paint some red flowers on the right to add a different color to the painting.

June Yellow Plumeria

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 06/09/21

I started a yellow plumeria, variety unknown. Calling it "June Yellow" because I have enough paintings called Yellow Plumeria!

Shell Plumeria is Done 16x20

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/31/21

I decided to go with a darker background after trying a lighter one first. 

Shell Plumeria in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/21/21

I have started the background with dark and light areas.

White Shell Plumeria 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/12/21

I am painting red and white shell plumeria which only rarely open up all the way. These were located near the Kauai airport. The white of the flowers are the white of the paper so I have to keep that in mind while I paint.

Kauka Wilder is Done! 16x20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 05/01/21

This was a challenging but fun plumeria watercolor.

Kauka Plumeria Background

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/22/21

I am having fun painting this complicated background of leaves and sky holes.

Kauka Wilder Plumeria Continued

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/16/21

The background will be a bit exciting this time around.  This is a start on the layout.

Kauka Wilder Plumeria 16 x 20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/16/21

This painting is a bit complicated but I always love a challenge.

Plumeria Variety Dean Conklin is Done 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 04/08/21

I decided on a simple background this time around.

The background is actually a little more yellow than in this photo. 


Dean Conklin Plumeria Watercolor 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 03/28/21

This is another variety of plumeria which I first photographed in the National Traopical Botanical Garden on Kauai a number of years ago.  The plumeria are a dark pink with an almost orange center. 

I will have a circle of leaves around the blossoms and a darker background.

Katie Moragne Plumeria is Done! 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 03/19/21

Very pleased with how this painting turned out. I decided to keep a lighter background to help the inflo of plumeria to pop. 
Large prints will be available after it is professionally photographed.  

Katie Plumeria in Progress 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 03/13/21

Leaves need more work but I am happy with their placement. The background will be muted.

Katie Moragne Plumeria 22x30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/22/21

Katie Moragne plumeria in progress. Starting right to left, petal by petal. This time, I am adding shadows as I paint the petal.

Katie Moragne Plumeria

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/15/21

The Katie Moragne plumeria is one of the first plumeria varieties I painted a long time ago and is being used as my logo.

This is the reference photo for another watercolor. 

Plumeria Cuttings in Progress

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/15/21

I may not have to drive to photograph plumeria someday!These are cuttings mostly from the trees along Nawiliwili Road which were planted by Richard Moragne. He is a former sugar plantation manager who propagated aver 200 varieties of plumeria on Kauai as a hobby.  I am keeping them indoors for rooting because the temperature got down into the 50s a week ago.

Nebels (Lei) Rainbow is Done 22 x 30"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/15/21

Decided to go a little looser with the background.

This variety of plumeria is called "lei rainbow" because the sturdy, long-lasting blossoms are often used to make flower leis. It is one of my favorites and I thoroughly enjoy painting the leaves!
Note: I generally show more progress photos on Instagram as paintingsbymarcia and on Facebook as Plumeria Paintings by Marcia in case you want to follow more closely.


Daisy Wilcox Plumeria Closeup is Done 16 x 20"

by Marcia Minnichhofer on 02/03/21

I ended up putting in a dark background after all so this watercolor won't be titled a sunrise!